We've been left in little doubt that Chrystal Chenery is a strong woman -but now she's taking on a new super tough challenge.

The stunning blonde is about to head to Australia to prepare for a 21km Tough Mudder obstacle race on the Gold Coast next month.

Since the wrap of Dancing with the Stars and the week of controversy that followed, Chenery has mostly been Stateside.

But her Aussie challenge will be far removed from the glamorous lifestyle there.


Back in New Zealand briefly, the 31-year-old told Spy she loved LA and Vegas.

"I had the most amazing time away, stayed with my bestie, Emily Fonda, in LA.

"I was bridesmaid at her wedding four years ago - she is an actress and was in the 50 Shades of Grey movie.

"She has a PR company organising a campaign for Hidden Tears, a charity raising awareness about human trafficking.

"It is a major problem in the world as 800,000 women and children are forced into it worldwide. It was interesting to help in that.

"It totally puts what matters into perspective for me."

Chenery also checked out a few bands, including Iceland's Of Monsters and Men, in LA before heading to Las Vegas.

"I went to meet pals from the UK, Canada and Australia. Lil Jon was DJing at a pool party at my hotel and I just had a blast.

"They really do party well. I also checked out a few Vegas shows," she said.

Chenery was coy when asked if she enjoyed any romance in her travels.

She was also tight-lipped about what is next for her in New Zealand.

"I'm excited with what's coming up next in my life but that's all I can say."