Millie Elder-Holmes says she is hurt and saddened by a Dominion Post column published today - and the public's reaction to it.

After initially posting an expletive-laden Twitter rant directed at columnist Rosemary McLeod, Elder-Holmes has since followed up, writing: "Publicly bashing those who are dealing with so much just makes me so sad. I'm a person with feelings and to be written about like this hurts."

She says she has been bashed on social media following her fiery reaction to the column, which criticised Elder-Holmes' upbringing and her life in the spotlight.

"It's got to be the worst luck in the world to be raised in a high-profile media family with an entertainer for a father," McLeod wrote.


"I blame Millie's stepfather, the engaging, quixotic, sentimental Paul Holmes, for dragging her into the spotlight."

McLeod went on to criticise Elder-Holmes' relationship with her late boyfriend Connor Morris.

"Morris may be the love of Millie's life, but she has only been alive for 27 years. Hopefully she won't be trailing around with a partner watching his fights when she's 36, or 46," she wrote.

Morris, a patched member of the Head Hunters gang, was killed during a street fight in West Auckland last year when he was hit with a sickle. Michael Murray was found guilty of his murder last week.

McLeod also commented on Elder-Holmes' extensive tattoos - which include portraits of her stepfather and Morris - and said they might "stand in the way of an innocuous life".

Elder-Holmes' response on Twitter showed she was not impressed with McLeod's criticism - "Who is rosemary McLeod?" she wrote. "Maybe ask your reporters who don't know s*** about me and base their opinions on what other reporters write".

"The story is about leaving me out of the spot light so f**king do that???" she added.

She went on to express her disgust that she had been asked for comment and said the story should be taken down.