Uncomfortable, bizarre and just plain weird. That's how you feel after watching Kim Kardashian's new ad for an energy drink.

The reality TV star doesn't say a word in the Hype ad as she's paraded like a doll in different costumes that channel notable women in history.

Dressed like Audrey Hepburn in a black turtleneck and black pants, a bike-riding Kardashian crashes into an invisible obstacle and goes into a dream like state.

From Hollywood glamour we get transported to revolutionary France, as Kardashian plays a half-asleep Marie Antoinette.


Wearing a gown bursting at the seams from her ample cleavage, she is roused so she can awkwardly drink a sip of pink Hype energy drink - the libation of choice for 18th century France apparently.

Waking from her concussion, Kardashian flashes her enormous engagement ring and then walks her bike away, not game enough to get back on.

Viewers aren't even given any time to process before the video switches pace and shows Kardashian in even more ludicrous cleavage-heavy outfits.

At two and a half minutes long, the short film is baffling.

At least Kardashian said she had a good time shooting the ad, saying it was a treat being dressed in vintage French clothing.

"We had authentic clothes from hundreds of years ago. They were so delicate and we had to be so careful putting them on. It was so fascinating seeing the fashion behind it," she said at the Hype launch.