A second season of Outrageous Fortune prequel Westside has been confirmed in the latest funding announcement from NZ on Air.

NZ on Air has announced that $20.3 million from its first funding round of the financial year will be invested in local drama and documentaries.

Fans of Outrageous Fortune's West family will be treated to a second series of prequel Westside on TV3, with 10 new episodes announced at a cost of $7.6 million.

A new series announced for TV One is Dirty Laundry, a 13-part drama centred on a middle-class family whose mother is jailed for money laundering, while the rest of the family must decide whether to keep her business interests going to sustain their lifestyle.


The series is written and produced by Rachel Lang, Gavin Strawhan and Stephen Zanoski.

Two dramatisations of major New Zealand historical events are also being funded.

Written by John Banas, Bombshell - The Sinking Of The Rainbow Warrior tells the story of the nation-defining moment the Rainbow Warrior was sunk by terrorists sanctioned by the French Government.

A second tele-feature explores the world of New Zealand aviatrix pioneer Jean Batten.

Jean will be written and produced by Paula Boock and Donna Malane, makers of Field Punishment No. 1 and Tangiwai.

Both dramatisations will be screened on TV One.

"Each of these stories is unique to New Zealand. Seeing our own stories on screen, whether they are fictional or bring our history to life, is crucial to our culture. Amid a sea of foreign content, this is New Zealand on air," said NZ On Air Chief Executive Jane Wrightson.

Wrightson also acknowledged recent discussions about rumours of a new soap opera for TV3, but said there had not been an application for funding.


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