One of New Zealand's most eligible bachelorettes, Hayley Holt, 33, has been turning heads recently after joining the judging panel of Dancing with the Stars.

The usually sporty judge has opted for a more glamorous look at recent events, turning heads and setting tongues wagging.

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Spy asked Holt whether her new glow has been the result of any new life changes, but the ever-humble star explained: "I think as I have got older I am more interested in taking care of myself. Getting the chance to wear amazing clothes and be dolled up to the nines on the show is so much fun I am taking that through to my normal life.

"However, I can still rock baggy pants or Doc Martens with the best of the tomboys."


Despite juggling her glitzy and glam jobs with her more rough-and-tumble gigs, including driving cars around Hampton Downs and her role on The Crowd Goes Wild, Holt said: "Somewhere in there I try to go to yoga and in the weekends I try to get some friends and family action in before hitting the DWTS studio. I've always thought I wanted a steady schedule but I've never been able to achieve one.

"It's never boring at least!"