Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in New Zealand. Those looking for love put their profiles out in the open for the public to judge a few selected pictures. It's also a great source for stories for the rumour mill.

TV3 and RadioLive's Duncan Garner, 41, was caught up in this exact predicament when his profile was spotted on the dating app.

Garner, an open book, happily explained his presence on Tinder when approached by Spy, saying his curiosity was sparked after private investigator Julia Hartley-Moore had been talking to him on-air about the app, which gave Garner the idea of signing up and sharing his online experiment with his listeners.

The broadcaster told Spy, "apparently I liked 100 women and got one hit straight away ... a goldfish-lover with a dog ... and by the next morning I had 10 people liking me, including one bloke, who seemed like a decent chap, but sadly he was out of luck."


He proudly added: "I am happily married and I can't see the missus allowing me on dating circuit. And of course, I have no interest."

Garner is widely tipped to be the host of TV3's new 7pm show, following the demise of Campbell Live.