Shelton Woolright is heavily rumoured to be one of the new judges on The X Factor New Zealand.

The drummer for rock act I Am Giant was one of several names lighting up Twitter this morning after Natalia Kills and Willy Moon were axed following claims of bullying.

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When contacted by NZ Herald, Woolright said he "couldn't really talk" and hung up the phone. I Am Giant have several European concerts booked during April.


His Facebook page is full of congratulatory messages.

"Congrats on being the new X factor judge!" wrote Lauren Hall.

"Congrats Shelton, enjoy the new role - you will be inspiring for the contestants!!" wrote Joeline Ball.

Dan Mulligan: "Congrats bro, Rutherford to X-factor. I only just heard about the drama today and was disgusted when I saw the way those judges treated that guy. I'm glad someone decent like you is in the chair now."

Another Kiwi musician took to Twitter to deny rumours she would join Woolright on the judging panel.

Singer-songwriter Anika Moa said it was "lovely to know I have so many wonderful words of support" but she wouldn't be appearing on the show.

Anika Moa won't be joining The X Factor NZ.
Anika Moa won't be joining The X Factor NZ.

On Facebook, Moa said there were "better things to do in life".

"... I have another tv series close to my heart that I will be doing but I can't announce it yet.... I am also starting my new job at the NZ Herald next week... I'm their music talk show host. Lol lol Hee hee! Already filmed the first interviews and it's going to be cool!!! There are better things to do in life! Do what you love Whanau and own our own heart!!!"


Kills and Moon were axed yesterday afternoon - just hours before the week's second live show - after claims of bullying over their comments to contestant Joe Irvine.

"Do you not have any value or respect for originality?" Kills asked, before describing him as "creepy", "cheesy" and "disgusting".

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At the end of last night's elimination show, host Dominic Bowden asked the audience if anyone "knew any judges, because we're looking for some".

Remaining hosts Stan Walker and Melanie Blatt judged the show on their own.

Rumours have swamped Twitter about who the new judges might be.


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