Kimbra knows how to get to Sesame Street.

The Kiwi singer seems to have made an appearance on the iconic US children's TV show.

"GOOD MORNING. I'm on my way to where the air is sweeeeeet!!" she tweeted on Thursday, alongside a picture of herself balancing on one foot and looking very excited.

Her next tweet was then proof of her shining moment with the furry puppets.


She posted a photo of her in a TV studio where she can be seen on a TV monitor with her arms wrapped around the show's famous characters Elmo and the Cookie Monster.

"I MADE IT! No need to tell ME how to get to @sesamestreet! I'm THERE!" she tweeted alongside the photo.

The quirky singer is a good fit for the TV show as she has said before that she was inspired by Disney films and animated childrens movies for her last album, The Golden Echo.

"I watch a lot of animation and a lot of Disney and childrens films. I think there's a lot of imagination in them," she told AAP.