The daughter of a political firebrand is set to smoke up the small screen - New Zealand First leader Winston Peters' daughter, Bree Peters, is joining the cast of Shortland Street next month.

Peters, 26, will play heartbreaker Pania Stevens, who claims to be an old friend of TK, (Ben Mitchell) ... but may just have her sights set on something more.

Spy loves it when people cross over - when she starts on the hit show, Peters will complete a full circle from mentoring the show's cast to acting in New Zealand's favourite soap.

Peters began her career at South Pacific Pictures as the actors' chaperone for Shorty Street, training up new talent as they came through the building and explaining set protocol.


Since then she has acted in The Blue Rose, Nothing Trivial and Go Girls.

She recently travelled to Edinburgh to tour with the smash hit theatre show The Generation of Z, which was so successful, creator Kiwi thespian Charlie McDermott is now in talks to take it to London in 2015.

On her journey with the show, Peters told Spy: "It's a bit like switching classrooms mid-way through the school year - you know everyone, but you didn't get to their school camp so some of the jokes go over your head.

"It has been an amazing opportunity nonetheless and I'm learning new things every day."

If Peters' acting on Shorty St is anything like her father's performances in the House, the street is about to get a hell of a lot more interesting.