Rushes from the multi-million-dollar Kiwi feelgood flick Born to Dance have been sent to the American film market this week to whet the appetite of would-be-buyers.

The movie, a coming-of-age story about a young Aucklander dreaming of becoming a professional hip-hop dancer, stars Australian Idol winner Stan Walker and US dancer Kherington Payne. It is being shot in Auckland and is the big-screen directing debut of Outrageous Fortune star Tammy Davis, aka Munter. He told Spy he's delighted with how Born to Dance is shaping up.

"I am stoked with how everyone has done on this shoot so far. It's been full on but all these guys have dug deep and really produced the goods. I can't wait for everyone to see it next year."

Kiwi choreographer to the stars Parris Goebel is obviously making her presence felt - the trim and toned Walker tells Spy the "dancing in this film is incredible".


He has been splitting his time between shooting promos for next year's The X Factor, and the film, and is enjoying working with Davis.

"Tammy is a BEAST. The man is like our uncle on set, he really just gets us and is awesome to hang out with."

The biggest break-out star of the movie is expected to be Kiwi dancer Tia Maipi. It's the 24-year-old's first acting gig, but he's no dance novice - he was a member of The Royal Family, the current World Hip-Hop Championship titleholders.

Talk from the set is he's a nice guy - and with looks like Sonny Bill Williams, he's expected to be a huge hit.