The year was 2004 ...

Ten years ago there were no reality shows about cooking - but Survivor-style show Treasure Island was the gift that kept giving for gossip columnists. Reality TV queen Julie Christie's show was into its third series and had a celebrity quotient that was sky-high.

The cast included eventual winner All Black Josh Kronfeld, former league star Brent Todd and his wife, world champ surfer Wendy Botha, socialites Aja Rock and the late Charlotte Dawson, model Nicky Watson, league player Matthew Ridge, True Bliss singer Joe Cotton and media personality Lana ¬Coc-Kroft. But the laughs were mixed with near-tragedy, when Coc-Kroft almost died after cutting her foot on a coral reef, and it became infected.

She was airlifted back to New Zealand and spent nine days in a coma and five days in intensive care.

Todd, 49, and Botha, 49, were the only married couple on the island. Within a year, his life and marriage had spun out of control. He wound up in a celebrity drug scandal, later pleading guilty to procuring cocaine. His marriage ended in 2005 and four years later he was found guilty of fraud. Todd served his sentence at Ridge's house and was later hired by his mate to clean cars.


These days, Spy hears Todd is in a much better place. He is living in Queensland and his heroic days of league are remembered more than said scandals - Todd is now a go-to guy for commentating on the sport.

All eyes were on Ridge and girlfriend at the time Nicky Watson, who had split from husband Eric in 2003. But the relationship didn't last through 2004. Ridge later had high-profile flings with Kieta Nobilo and Rebecca Loos. Life has been good for Ridge, 46, since. He has a son, London, almost 4, with former TrueBliss singer Carly Binding. Ridge is often seen biking shirtless along the streets of Auckland.

In late 2004, Watson - who now goes by her maiden name Robinson - moved into Charlotte Dawson's Parnell pad. She also made headlines dating rock star Shelton Woolright and the late party-pill millionaire, Logan Millar. Fast-forward to today, she has found true happiness across the Tasman with MKR superstar Pete Evans. The pair are set to marry early next year.

Audience eyes were also popping at bikini-clad Aja Rock in 2004, who was new to town and with William Murdoch, father of her son, Brooklyn. Their split made headlines and she married property developer David Southcombe in 2009. Family life is now bliss and the pair have produced a brother and sister for 10-year-old Brooklyn - 4-year-old Hendrix and 6-month daughter Lilly Vonn. Also in 2004, Matthew Ridge's ex Sally started her now-defunct fashion business, James and August. She was in a relationship with former Black Caps heart-throb Adam Parore, and the couple had two children - Astin and Oclane - before separating in 2010.

The split has been anything but amicable. Parore's company Small Business Accounting recently served bankruptcy notices on Ridge for the non-payment of $100,000 in legal costs.