Shihad's raucous new album FVEY is released today, and to celebrate we've gone a little crazy with stories, videos, reviews, multimedia productions and music players. Here's a handy top 10 list to work your way through ... so sit back and enjoy!

1. Watch their Barkers Sundae Session performance in full:

York Street Studios was where Shihad recorded their first album - and their latest one. They stopped the wrecking ball going through it so Shihad could play songs from


just for us. If you only choose one link from this list today, make it this one. And turn it up as loud as you can.


2. How the Sundae Sessions happened:

These things don't just happen on their own. Months of planning and negotiations went into getting Shihad to agree to one last guitar-fuelled party at York Street Studios. Hugh Sundae tells all about the behind-the-scenes wheelings and dealings.

3. The what, how, who, where and when of FVEY: Chris Schulz travelled to Melbourne to meet Shihad in the studio and listen to the new album. Here's his feature-length read with all you need to know about how the album came together.

4. FVEY review: But after all that, is Shihad's ninth album actually any good? Read Chris Schulz's review here then go grab a copy and have a listen for yourself.

5. Career timeline: Wondering what Shihad have been up to for all these years? How did that Pacifier experiment go down? Here's our handy year-by-year multimedia guide to their 26-year career.

6. Hugh Sundae's Shihad interview: Want to know more about FVEY's creation and their York Street sessions with Jaz Coleman? Here's the interview Hugh Sundae did with the boys just before they rocked the Sundae Sessions.

7. Shihad music player: We put together a playlist featuring the highlights from each of Shihad's albums. Choose your album, turn up the volume and remember the good times.

8. Photos: Here's a nice selection of photos of Shihad in action. Warning: You're going to want to buy concert tickets to their next show after seeing these.


9. All our Shihad reviews:

We gave


five stars, but how have Shihad's previous eight albums compared? We compile every review we've done of every album right


10. Jon Toogood talks FVEY: The Herald's TimeOut section had an exclusive first-up interview with Jon Toogood over FVEY's creation. He told us it's an album designed to "slay people". Read his thoughts here.