Dotcom ‘upset, angry’ after ex dishes details.

Mona Dotcom's estranged husband Kim Dotcom, 40, has lashed back following her interview in a women's magazine this week.

Kim, who was not informed about the interview before publication, made contact with his estranged wife on Monday about her story which he felt should have remained private. Two nights earlier, to celebrate the All Blacks' victory, he had invited 20 random strangers to an all-night pool party at his Coatesville mansion, where his five children slept soundly.

Mona, 25, was reluctant to divulge what he said, but when asked by The Diary if her husband was offended, she came clean.

"Yes, he was very upset and angry ... but I have the right to express my opinion. I don't need his permission. I'm not his princess any more."


Dotcom told The Diary yesterday he did not want to comment on his wife or her interview, but a close friend says the tycoon will be smarting from his wife speaking out.

"Kim will know his enemies will have read it, like John Banks and John Key, and he will feel humiliated because he is usually the one doing all the talking and managing the message - not Mona. His ego will probably be hurt. It's the watercooler story of the week, everyone's talking about it. But he should be proud of his wife. She was really brave and honest."

Mona Dotcom arrives at the Auckland High Court to testify at the John Banks trial about donations to John Banks' failed 2010 Auckland mayoralty bid. She made no comment to questions about her split from Kim Dotcom and the ownership of her and his companies.

Mona said she escaped from her husband's Coatesville mansion at 2am in a golfcart so as not to alert security. She knew their 5-year marriage was over. "I knew it was what I wanted. We had tried to make it work, but I couldn't take it any more," she told Woman's Day.

She has moved to a four-bedroom townhouse in a secure gated community 100m from her husband's mansion.

Kim and Mona Dotcom in happier times. Photo / NZ Herald
Kim and Mona Dotcom in happier times. Photo / NZ Herald

Her main priority, she told the magazine, is providing stability to her young children - Kimmo, 5, Kobi, 3, 2-year-old twin sisters Kylee and Keera, and 6-year-old stepdaughter Kaylo, from Kim's first marriage.

Mona denies she did the interview for fame or money, an accusation her husband put to her this week.

"No, I wasn't paid," she told The Diary, "and of course I'm not trying to be famous."

She told the magazine she's just a young mum with a bright future who's moving on with her life.


"I'm determined to stay in New Zealand, at least until all the kids finish school, and I've enrolled at Massey University to study business, starting next month. Then I'll go to work. I have some plans I think are exciting."

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