Singing sensation Lorde has taken a swipe at photographer Simon Runting on twitter, accusing him of "stalking'' her and violating her privacy.

The double grammy winner took aim at the photographer in a series of tweets today, which named him, posted his Facebook page address and his photograph.

She wrote: "this man has been stalking me, photographing me and refusing me privacy. i am scared of him. he frequents central akl.''

She said she refused to stay complicit or "stay passive about men systematically subjecting me to extreme fear''.


The posts were sent to her more than one and a half million followers on Twitter, and retweeted thousands of times.

Lorde said she accepted that photos from the paparazzi came with fame, but: "i do not understand why I should be complacent''.

It's not known what sparked the online tirade against the photographer, but it's not the first time Runting has been blasted by pop stars.

Last year Rihanna compared the Auckland paparazzi to Nazis in an online post, after Runting took shots of her standing in her Auckland hotel room window wrapped in a blanket. The 26-year-old singer was in Auckland to play three shows in October.

She posted the photo to her Instagram account with the caption: "I hate these n***** more than the Nazi''.

Lorde re-posted the photographs of Rihanna, and said it was not an acceptable standard for anyone in the industry.

Neither Runting nor Lorde's manager were immediately available for comment.

Lorde's tweets have already prompted a reaction from at least one follower.


A tweeter with the twitter handle @scuba-nurse has urged businesses to refuse service to Runting.

"Is simon Runting trying to buy a coffee in your cafe? Stay in your hotel, get petrol? Say yeah nah.#itsnotok''

The tweeter wrote that abuse and harassment of women was not ok at home or work, "And it sure as hell isn't ok to do to a 17 year old woman''.