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Helen Craig clearly recalls first spotting her future husband,

Colin Craig

, at Auckland Uni 23 years ago. "I remember thinking 'He's got a nice smile and he's a bit good looking'." Well isn't that...nice. The pair sit down with the


New Zealand Woman's Weekly

in their Auckland home with "freshly baked brownies on the kitchen bench. Helen's cross-stitch adorning the walls ans a New Zealand flag fluttering outside". Like a fairytale, they took things nice and slow when they met: "We didn't officially date until we'd known each other for a year or so," says Colin. "For me, marriage had always been what I was aiming for. I wasn't interested in a temporary relationship. I wasn't going to put in the time and effort into someone until I had the idea that they might be the right person." So they got married after dating for four months.

2. Last time Prince William was here, Wendy Petrie got a "very stern" telling off - she dared to ask him if he was "loving New Zealand" as he wandered past. Turns out that rebellious behaviour is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her royal passion. This time around she even forfeited time with her kids to check up on Wills and Kate. "I found myself constantly checking online to see what they were doing," she tells NZWW. "I was even at a gymnastics event with my daughter and looking at videos of the royals instead of watching them warm up." We have a new bad girl of the news world, people.

3. What better way to kick of the International New Zealand Comedy Festival than a tea party with the funniest women in New Zealand. Urzila Carlson, Michele A'Court and Rose Matafeo share an earl grey and cupcakes over chat of softball tears (Matafeo), Carlson's "legs and butt of a rhino" and A'Court and her "stroppy, talk-ey, drink-ey, loud" personality. Good chat NZWW.

4. Ria Vandervis' husband loves watching Shortland Street now she's kissing a girl and not a boy! According to Woman's Day, "like many red-blodded males" he's taken an interest in the "racy" storyline that sees Vandervis partnering up with Sally Martin's character, Nicole. "He's a big fan of the show. Well, at least he is now," she giggles between posing up with her onscreen love - roses, red dresses, massive hair and all. "It helps that I'm snogging Sally, who's not only a class-act co-star, but a good friend."

5. Watch out Josh Emett - looks like you've got a target on your back. New Idea got the remaining MasterChef contestants to dish the dirt from behind the scenes. Among the gems: Jaimie (from Jaimie and Bec) reckons there's nothing the judges can throw at them they haven't already (loudly) suffered through; Jordan wants to impress Simon Gault most of all because she thinks he likes her mum Nikki more than her; and all the teams would throw a pie at Emett if they had the chance. Kasey and Karena sum it up nicely: "He would probably hate it the most. He would be like, 'Gross, get it off my nice suit,' and it would be a challenge because he's so tall".