Our comedy festival questionnaire asks acts about their show.

Where have we seen you before?

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on the TV.

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My comedy festival show is called:
Eli Matthewson's Big Audition.
Due to it mainly being about:

The show is me auditioning to be your best friend. It is mainly me attempting to prove myself as an actor, singer, comedian, dancer person any way I can. Expect mess and fun. Fun mess.

The idea behind it having been inspired by:

My dream to be a super serious "Chris Warner" style actor that has led me hurtling into comedy.

Compared with how I am in everyday life the person you will see on stage is:

More talkative and has cleaner clothes.

The one thing I worry about the most performing this show is:

What time I should eat dinner, because I can't eat before the show or my stomach will go funny, but afterwards it's too late for dinner #conundrum.

But I think the show is just as funny as:

When Nicole married herself on Shortland Street. It may not be for you if you're offended by: Someone who loves Jurassic Park a little too much.

But do head along if your idea of great live comedy involves:

Funny wigs and live dating videos.

Or if you are a fan of:


Though if you sit down the front be warned:

I might say something nice about your appearance.

For me, this is NZ comedy festival number:


Which makes me:

Hyperactive toddler age.

When/where: Basement Studio, April 25-26 and April 29-May 3, 7.15pm.

Eli Matthewson From: Christchurch but Auckland now.