Almost 20 years after the release of their breakout hit Mmmbop, 90s heart-throbs, Hanson, will finally be making their way to New Zealand. Our inner tween fan-girls have been SQUEEing with excitement since the announcement earlier this week.

It also got us thinking of all the other amazing 90s bands we wish we could see live (or live again).

Seriously, how amazing would it be to mosh to Nirvana or head-bang to the Beastie Boys? Kick back at a Sugar Ray or Sublime show? Or make-out during Champagne Supernova at an Oasis concert?

Prepare to get your nostalgia on 'cause this week's playlist is chock full of great 90s tunes.


Today's playlist was curated by entertainment reviewer Rachel Bache. Follow NZ Herald on Spotify for more playlists.

Warning: Some songs contain explicit language.