Former employee to appeal order that halted tell-all on Dotcom

Kim Dotcom's former bodyguard will appeal against the gag order filed against him by the German multi-millionaire preventing him from speaking publicly about the goings-on inside the Coatesville mansion, The Diary understands. There is talk, too, of a lawsuit against the internet entrepreneur although barrister Paul Dale, representing Wayne Tempero, was hesitant yesterday about discussing his client without approval.

Mr Tempero, who resigned from Dotcom's employ in October, was set to reveal all to The Diary about his former boss on Wednesday.

But Dotcom applied for a last-minute interim injunction in the High Court at Auckland to stop Tempero talking.

Dotcom took to Twitter on Wednesday to tell of his new "improved security team".


"Personal attacks by minions are stress-neutral when you're fighting the mighty US Government. David vs Goliath & Mosquitoes," Dotcom wrote. The gag order suggested otherwise.

The self-declared freedom fighter (right), who told The Guardian earlier this year "We are all the children of Assange" in a bid for more internet transparency, apparently has no problem gagging freedom of speech when it comes to his private life.

Attempts to contact him yesterday were unsuccessful.

A good man in a crisis - not

Which high-profile New Zealander refused to help in the catastrophic situation that saw a woman pinned against the wall by a truck in Auckland last month?

The well-known Aucklander happened to be walking down Richmond Rd when a bystander, already on the scene, tried to clear the footpath.

She had raced to call paramedics and police, and thoughtfully asked pedestrians to cross the road to make way for the ambulance.

But Mr Selfish refused. No one makes him cross a road, he bleated. The bystander was gobsmacked. His partner looked sheepish.

Diary wicked whispers Which All Black is nicknamed Millennium by teammates because he has apparently bedded more than 1000 women?

Is Green Party co-leader Russel Norman taking elocution lessons in the run-up to the September election to sound more Kiwi and lose the Aussie twang? People in Parliament are talking.

Which Maori chief with a handicap of 10 plays golf with rich tourists at luxury retreat Kauri Cliffs?

Which grudge-bearing TV reporter got a well-overdue lesson in defamation and slander?

Who is the former high-flyer who has been banned from pharmacies in Auckland's CBD on suspicion of purchasing pseudoephedrine for drug-making purposes?