Lesbian jibes about Taylor Swift friendship treated with disdain.

Teenage pop star Lorde and her new bestie Taylor Swift were snapped together again in New York on Sunday and have hinted a musical collaboration is in the works.

But the way an Australian radio host questioned the pair's relationship was slammed by the 17-year-old Kiwi.

Kyle Sandilands interviewed the Royals singer on his KIIS FM show on Monday about her upcoming Australian tour.

But Lorde, who is in a relationship with photographer James Lowe, was quick to stand up to the 42-year-old shock jock.


She wouldn't stand for his crude line of questioning when he pressed her for details of her relationship with 24-year-old Swift, trying to imply the pair were dating.

"I see you guys' pictures everywhere are you guys together now? Not together as in lesbians, I'm not talking about 'Ellen together' I'm talking about, like you guys are friendly right?" Sandilands asked the young Kiwi.

However, Lorde hit back: "What do you mean you're not talking about 'Ellen together', is there something wrong with lesbians?"

He continued to grill her on the growing friendship between the two Grammy winners, asking: "Are you going to confirm now you're in a lesbian relationship with her?"

But Lorde was having none of it, warning the presenter: "Don't even try it".

The young pop star, whose US tour is currently receiving rave reviews, has maturity beyond her years.

On her decision to turn down an offer to be Katy Perry's support act, Lorde said in the interview: "I think in the really early stages of any artist's career it's important for them to establish themselves for themselves. I'm just basically really stubborn and I want to be really independent and so I wanted to be headlining my own shows as opposed to supporting someone else."

Lorde will tour Australia in April and May, and yesterday M.A.C Cosmetics announced they are collaborating with her on a limited product collection out June 5. World's her oyster.


Mate missing from wedding

Where was Matthew Ridge on Saturday? Adam Parore tied the knot to Miller Rose MacLeod-McGhie, 21 years his junior, but longtime pal Ridgey was nowhere to be seen.

Despite a big black umbrella, the wedding of Adam Parore and Miller Rose Macleod-McGhie in Omapere was still papped. Photo / Michael Craig
Despite a big black umbrella, the wedding of Adam Parore and Miller Rose Macleod-McGhie in Omapere was still papped. Photo / Michael Craig

The wedding was a small but glamorous affair in Hokianga, where the groom has ties and where he has been doing some consulting work with local iwi.

Guests told The Diary they were surprised not to see Ridgey there. The former sports legends are longtime friends and allies.

Both had relationships with former reality TV star Sally Ridge, with whom they each have two children. Ridgey could not be reached for comment.

Parore sold the exclusive rights to his wedding to a women's magazine for an undisclosed five-figure sum. Large black umbrellas erected to prevent paparazzi taking pics failed miserably. The publisher is purportedly seething that a papped shot of the entire bridal party appeared in the Herald on Sunday.

The bride was emotional during the ceremony, sobbing tears of joy in front of the 60 invited guests, at least two of whom have stipulated they don't want to appear in the magazine.

Questions for the week
1 Is Kim Dotcom struggling to pay the rent? Plumbers have been seen installing toilets into neighbouring property 5H The Prom, which is part of the Coatesville estate. Sources suggest Dotcom is moving next door in a belt tightening move. But the internet mogul would only say: "Nonsense".

2 Is there a battle of the blondes behind the scenes on TVNZ's Q+A? The political programme, hosted by Susan Wood, returned to air on Sunday but new recruit Rachel Smalley was seldom seen. She pops up in the new publicity pics alongside reporters Michael Parkin and Corin Dann, with Wood very clearly at the reins.

3 What will Tamati Coffey do if his political dreams fail? The former weatherman is running to become Labour's MP in Rotorua. Now TVNZ has vetoed any return to the news and current affairs department. The welcome mat won't be back now Coffey has sidled up to Labour. To be fair, it's unclear what role he would have. He was not wanted at Seven Sharp as part of the show's shake-up and NZ's Got Talent is not returning. Fingers crossed, then, this politics move works out.

Joy of twin boys

ZM radio host Jay Reeve and his wife Anna, a former model, welcomed identical twin boys on Monday. The couple have documented their battle to conceive and the gruelling IVF treatment they underwent.

Friends offered their congrats this week, including former league star Wairangi Koopu who took to Twitter to impart words of wisdom: "Welcome to the beginning of your life big guy. The most beautiful, stressful, nervous, yet satisfying time of your life."