Another Kiwi has landed a gig on popular US series Once Upon a Time.

Actor Charles Mesure will portray ruthless pirate Blackbeard in season three of the show, which has just returned to TV2.

The role comes after fellow New Zealander Rose McIver scored the part of Tinker Bell, making her debut in episode three airing in New Zealand next Wednesday.

LA-based Mesure - formerly on Street Legal, American series V and Desperate Housewives - was invited onto the show without having to audition.


"The executive producer on Once ... was my old boss on V so I got a call from Vancouver saying, 'Would you like to come up and do Once Upon a Time?'

"I didn't have a script or any idea what the role would be. It was as simple as, 'Come to Vancouver and play Blackbeard'."

While producers are tight-lipped on his story arc and how many episodes Blackbeard will appear in, Sydney-raised Mesure, 43, says most of his scenes are with Captain Hook, played by Irish actor Colin O'Donoghue.

He hasn't run into McIver on-set, but says returning to Vancouver was like reuniting with family.

"I worked on V with half of this crew for a year back in 2010, so going back on set with them was like coming home. The only thing I can compare it to is going back to New Zealand."