The organiser of a group which campaigned against a visit to New Zealand by hip-hop group Odd Future says she has fielded death and rape threats after some of its members were refused entry to the country.

The Los Angeles collective was meant to be playing at the Rapture hip-hop festival in Auckland tonight but was refused entry after being determined by Immigration New Zealand as a threat to public order.

Immigration NZ's decision came days after anti-sexual violence group Stop Demand emailed Auckland councillors, criticising the decision to allow the group to perform at the Western Springs event. The email quoted several lyrics from Odd Future which referred to rape.

Stop Demand founder Denise Ritchie said the organisation had been inundated with hate mail since the decision was made public.


"Our Facebook page, I was told by a volunteer of our organisation not to go into it because it was too vile ... It included a rape threat against me, a death threat and a threat to burn my house down."

She described the decision to block members of the group from New Zealand as great, and said the organisation was aware that the reason was not the group's lyrics.

Prime Minister John Key weighed in yesterday, saying that while Immigration NZ would have had its reasons for cancelling the visas, it would have been better if the decision had not been last minute.