Troubled supercook Nigella Lawson is still sweet with the Kiwi choc-maker that used her in its television advertising.

New Zealand confectioner Whittaker's sent celebrity cook Lawson a box of chocolates to help her get through Christmas.

Yesterday, her former husband Charles Saatchi told the Daily Mail "she was taking illegal drugs secretly throughout the last few years of our marriage, often with her own child".

And he alleged their relationship had begun six months before her previous husband, John Diamond, died of cancer.


Whittaker's marketing manager and heiress Holly Whittaker said executives would meet this month to discuss using Lawson in future advertising campaigns after earlier reports of her drug use.

As a gesture of goodwill, Lawson was sent a box of New Zealand chocolate to "keep her going over the festive season".

Whittaker described the company's relationship with her as positive. "We are very happy with how she helped grow the brand."

Whittaker's turned to social media to canvass customers. Nearly 2,000 people posted messages, urging the company to stand by Lawson. "If you drop her I won't ever eat your chocolate again," wrote Shonn Flutey.