Australian actor Liam Hemsworth almost lost the tip of his little finger while playing a dangerous knife game during a drunken night out in London last week.

Hemsworth was out with his The Hunger Games co-stars following the UK premiere when he decided to show off his skills playing five finger fillet, moving the blade quickly between his digits.

However, Hemsworth's judgement had been impaired by his alcohol consumption and he ended up catching the end of his left pinky.

Luckily, the knife hit his nail and didn't draw blood - but he admits it was a close call.


"I wanted to impress everyone. I'd had a couple of drinks ... Apparently it was a US$10,000 dollar table too that I ruined ...

"I used to do it a lot in science class when I was in high school. I didn't love science, so I'd sit there in this class and use my pen to do this. You work your way up to a knife. You start with a pen."

Hemsworth tried to repeat the feat with a pen during an appearance on US talk show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, but he missed his mark again, exclaiming, "I hit it again! It's the same pinky".