The Diary asked some famous New Zealanders to give their description of Twitter (in more than 140 characters).

Patrick Gower, 3 News political editor

Twitter is a cyber dream for politicians. It offers them instant gratification. Unlike most of their speeches in Parliament, tweets always have an audience.

Sure, they may meet instant opposition, but politicians love that. In fact, the likes of Judith Collins are out there deliberately rarking the left up.

You've got to remember that for a politician any publicity is good publicity. So, if one person reads a tweet, the politician is happy.


It has also become a real tool in spreading things quickly through the parliamentary precinct. Nothing is quicker than Twitter. The Green co-leaders used Twitter to attack a story of mine recently. Who said they were soft?

Future leadership rivals Collins and Steven Joyce are busy trying to out-tweet each other ... it's hilarious.

John Key hasn't sent a real tweet yet, to my knowledge. That will come though, as soon as Joyce shows him how.

Pebbles Hooper, freelance fashion stylist
Twitter was one of the harder social medias to grasp. For a long time I thought "RT" stood for "reply to" and that a hash tag was some kind of trademark. My fellow tweeters quickly corrected me. And I'm thankful for it.

Turns out Twitter is a great place to get information on current events and start rumours about Justin Bieber being sighted at Gloria Jean's in Albany Mega Centre.

The commitment isn't too big and 140 characters is manageable and keeps everything very to the point. It is a great way to get messages directly to people you otherwise wouldn't have a hope of getting in touch with.

Mikey Havoc, Hauraki host
I know on Twitter you can buy "followers" by the thousands from certain websites . More cash equals more followers. Twitter lies. Does everyone need to know everyone's opinion about everything immediately? I think Twitter is funny. And boring. What next? I'll probably be hard out Twitterin' by the end of the week.

Dom Harvey, The Edge host
What do I know about Twitter? Not a lot, but I am learning - fast. I've found out other people take me far more seriously than I take myself and a shitload of damage can be done in 140 characters.


Judith Collins, MP
Twitter is instant, short, sharp and to the point. It suits my style. As for annoying the far left: sometimes it's just too easy. LOL.

Guy Williams, comedian/ Jono and Ben at Ten
I love Twitter. It's like texting but better because you don't need any friends to do it. I spend a lot of my spare time tweeting comments live during big television events, like X Factor NZ or the rugby. I don't want to condone cyber-bullying but I am passionate about harassing [Destiny Church leader] Brian Tamaki on Twitter. You can ask him important questions like: "Destiny's Child was founded in 1997 and Destiny Church was founded in 1998. Surely that wasn't a coincidence?"

Stan Walker, X Factor judge
Twitter is awesome. I love how it lets me connect with my fans and they can keep up with what I'm up to, wherever I am in the world. I love checking out all the replies. And I love conversing back with the fans when I can. I link my Twitter to my Instagram account and I love a good selfie. I can do a good pukana [stare used in a Maori haka or waiata].

Justin Brown, Classic Hits host
What do I know about Twitter? That there are good people out there. I remember tweeting that I'd been fined $150 for driving across Grafton Bridge (I was unaware of the new rules). The next week, Amie McCarron, an artist from Wellington, sent me an original piece of artwork to make me feel better. I sold it and used the money to pay my fine.

Amanda Billing, Shortland St actor
What I know about Twitter is nothing. Except that the verb for Twitter is "to tweet" and a lot of people (except for me) seem to "tweet" these days.

Matt Heath
When Twitter first appeared I didn't understand the point of it. Now I don't understand the point of Facebook. Twitter is a sweet feed of jokes and information. Facebook is cumbersome and time-consuming. Twitter gives you what you want in stress-free bites. When anything major happens I go straight to Twitter. You get the facts, and then jokes on the facts, and then people hassling other people about joking about the facts. Every angle of everything covered instantaneously. Twitter is where it's at.