When news broke this week that Richie McCaw is dating Black Sticks player Gemma Flynn, his ex, Hayley Holt, took to the airwaves to offer her some friendly advice and reveal what it's really like dating the All Black captain.

"Well, she could say yes to the Christmas morning road bike ride," Holt said, plainly reminiscing.

Holt, whose relationship with the rugby heart-throb ended three years ago, told her More FM listeners she refused to join McCaw on his traditional festive bike rides.

"I had several opportunities, but basically I decided to stay in my pyjamas and drink champagne," she laughed.


McCaw, she said, takes his cycling very seriously and has all the equipment.

"When he cycles he wears tights with straps, like a wrestling outfit. He's got everything. He's got all the gear."

"Do you think that's why the relationship ended?" her co-presenter Marc Ellis teased.

"You didn't go on the bike ride, but stayed home and got boozed instead?"

"Oh, I think there were many reasons why that relationship ended!" Holt retorted.

McCaw's new romance with a budding sports star 10 years his junior has prompted all sorts of speculation, including whether Dan Carter played match-maker. Did he set up 32-year-old McCaw with the 22-year-old hockey player? Carter's wife, Honor, was formerly in the Black Sticks squad.

Alas, Carter may have gone into prolific Twitter overdrive this week, but he failed to enlighten us further on McCaw's fling with Flynn.

He did, however, post a pic of himself with the AB captain and teammate Richard Kahui shooting a sponsor's commercial; barefoot and all visibly out of breath.

McCaw may be the country's most eligible man, but his white feet stand out like an eyesore. It's the kind of summer pallor faux pas his ex-girlfriend would have teased him mercilessly about.

Holt, the former snowboarder and ballroom dancer, now sports journalist and radio host, is a good ham. She's self-deprecating and gregarious. She's dating a 23-year-old builder - nine years her junior - but says she's pleased for her ex-boyfriend and his new relationship.

"I think it's great news. It's only taken him three years to get over me."

Model in the thick of it

Catwalk model Ashleigh Good, from Auckland, became embroiled in France's civic rights debate this week when she strutted the runway at the Chanel Couture Spring/Summer show in Paris on Tuesday as a lesbian bride.

Good posed with fellow model Kati Nescher and 4-year-old Hudson Kroenig, Karl Lagerfeld's godson, who played pageboy.

Lagerfeld said his decision to close his Chanel show with two brides holding hands was a declaration of support for marriage equality.

His catwalk statement follows President Francois Hollande's controversial marriage equality bill, which has endured heated opposition and protests from Catholic groups.

"I don't understand the debate," Lagerfeld said. "Since 1904 [in France], the church and state have been separate".

For 20-year-old Good - an English-born, New Zealand-raised model who went from waiting tables in Auckland and working in a call centre to landing an exclusive contract with Givenchy in Paris - the catwalk statement has propelled her name into the fashion spotlight, with gay activists around the world lauding Lagerfeld's decision.

Trelise gets bach key

She designed Bronagh Key's ensemble for the royal wedding and The Hobbit red-carpet, and has become so pally, she was offered her luxury digs. Fashion designer Trelise Cooper spent three weeks at the Key's 240sq m weekend retreat at Omaha, an exclusive beach settlement north of Auckland.

Cooper said she was happy to accept the invitation.

"John offered his house to me a couple of weeks before Christmas, and we had a wonderful break there over the holidays."

The Prime Minister, who was holidaying with his family in Maui at the time of Cooper's stay, told The Diary this week he doesn't get too many houseguests making use of his vacation pad.

"We had Prince Charles stay. Ha, only kidding. No, Trelise is it, really," he laughed.

Cooper sold her beachfront Omaha home in 2011 to businesswoman Diane Foreman for $3.9 million.

It's lucky, now she has friends in high places to call on with homes in the 'hood.

All Blacks exposed

When Hank Baskett exposed the All Blacks' brand on his American reality television show with a global audience of millions, it was a lucrative promotional opportunity.

Baskett, a former NFL player, and his wife Kendra (nee Wilkinson), the former playmate and star of Girls of the Playboy Mansion, have their own reality show, Kendra on Top. It is produced by American cable network WE tv and airs in New Zealand on Sky's E! channel.

In an episode this week, Baskett appeared on the show kitted out in an All Blacks jersey. It was a ringing endorsement for the NZRU, and follows a tweet by the former football star last year about a secret desire to watch our boys play.

"My brother got me hooked on [the All Blacks]. Bucket list is to make one of their games one day! #all blacks," Baskett tweeted to his 145,000 followers.

Reps for the All Blacks did not return calls, but the multi-million-dollar sports franchise is no stranger to commercial quid pro quo exchanges. A couple of match tickets for a fame-hungry reality TV star with a global audience and a show looking for fresh content could, quite possibly, be arranged.