John Travolta


Olivia Newton-John

have an early Christmas present for you - and it's a doozy.


The Grease co-stars, who recently announced they had collaborated on a 13-track Christmas album (fantastically cheesy cover alert), have dropped the strangely awkward music video for their up-tempo festive duet, I Think You Might Like It.

The track, penned by Grease songwriter John Farrar, is pegged as a sequel of sorts to the duo's legendary You're The One That I Want, which was recently named the best-selling duet in pop music history.

In the video, Travolta, 58, and Newton-John, 64, riff off their iconic roles as Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsen, and don't pass up on the chance to dust off some of their Grease shimmies.

We have matching lounge outfits, thumbs-in-the-belt-loops line dancing, a chirpy Newton-John crawling along in a classic convertible with her stiletto off the throttle, and a LOLing Travolta flying his private jet while rocking some curious chin hair.

The video also features cameos from Travolta's family - his wife Kelly Preston, their daughter Ella Bleu and baby Benjamin - who all get in on some toe-tapping action at an airport.

Travolta and Newton-John showed up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week to chat about the album, This Christmas.

"For the record, we did it over three months, and then of course, we had these gorgeous guest stars - Barbra Streisand, James Taylor, Tony Bennett, Cliff Richard, Chick Corea and Kenny G," Travolta told the talk show host.

"All the proceeds go to our charities and they knew that, so once we told them that, I think it even was more impetus to help us."


Proceeds from the album, which was released in November, will be split between the stars' two charities. Travolta's cause is the Jett Travolta Foundation, in honour of his late son who died after suffering a seizure.

Newton-John, meanwhile, is raising funds for her eponymous Cancer and Wellness Centre in Melbourne.

Travolta also dished on the yuletide video to Extra.

"We're driving in a '55 T-Bird and we're dressed kind of like we were the end of the video we are going off in the car like we did in Grease," he explained.

Check out the video here. I think you might like it.

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