Rihanna's seventh album in seven years - and the fourth to be released in consecutive Novembers - is, well, similar to her previous two in that there are a handful of devastatingly good songs and the rest is filler. Still, she gets an extra half a star for her work ethic, even if she doesn't write many (any) of her songs. And perhaps the impact she has on record is diluted because she is a constant presence on the music scene.

Either way, Unapologetic is her third patchy album in a row. Of the standout tracks there's rousing first single Diamonds, dynamic dubstep-infused ballad Lost in Paradise, and best of all the bombastic Right Now which sees superstar DJ David Guetta go crazy as he throws as many banging and belching beats as he can at the song. But when it comes to the filler, take your pick from the exotic and tough Eastern-influenced Numb, which tries to be a little different but comes across as loping and dreary, and Loveeeeeee Song where guest star Future sounds like he's crooning underwater rather than serenading.

The album also has some tabloid fodder courtesy of her duet with former partner Chris Brown on Nobody's Business. They're still, er, good friends - "let's make out in this Lexus" - which is a bit weird given the way their relationship ended. Then again, as Rihanna says, it's none of our business so best we butt out.

Stars: 3/5
Verdict: Some killer, quite a bit of filler
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- TimeOut