A potentially controversial new Kiwi movie featuring a family of Maori cannibals now has a grotesque full-length trailer.

The new two-minute promo for Fresh Meat, starring former Shortland Street stars Temuera Morrison and Kate Elliott, includes scenes of the Maori family sitting down to dinner and enjoying a "tasty" hand stew.

"It's rude to sit at a Maori table and not eat," Morrison's character tells a dinner guest, before admitting he'd just eaten an index finger.

In a previous trailer, Morrison explained to a man lying on a gurney: "We're not Maori cannibals. We're cannibals who just happen to be Maori."


Fresh Meat was directed by Danny Mulheron and is about a gang of criminals who take a middle-class Maori family hostage but discover they are cannibals. It is due for release on October 25.

The movie's tagline describes it as "a tasty movie" and a publicity poster shows a human hand garnished with lemon and herbs. The hand features in the new trailer.

But the film's themes were predicted to attract controversy.

AUT University's Paul Moon said: "(Cannibalism) was a comparatively recent practice, so there may be a bit of rawness about that."

Movie spokeswoman Victoria Spackman said Fresh Meat would appeal to those who enjoyed comedy-horrors such as Shaun of the Dead.

"We're aiming for young men and we're pretty sure we've hit that nail," she said.

Watch the new trailer at Flicks.co.nz (warning: explicit content).

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