A preview of hyped upcoming TV3 reality show The Ridges proves the show's stars can be "laugh out loud funny".

This week, writers for Herald on Sunday gossip column Spy were invited into the inner sanctum of TV3 to view the first two episodes of its newest reality TV series - something called The Ridges.

You've probably heard of the two stars, Sally and Jaime? And do you know what? It's funny. Laugh out loud funny.

We learn that Jaime is a clean freak, addicted to hand-sanitiser Purell and completely OCD about it.

Hilarity ensues when Jaime and Sally move into a new house and Sally is renovating. Clean freak Jaime is mortified to see clumps of hair in the dilapidated shower.


When they discover a mouse in the kitchen, they do what socialites do - scream and climb on to a table. Jaime calls ex-boyfriend, hockey player Dwayne Rowsell, who comes to their rescue and disposes of the mouse.

The Ridges put long-suffering Dwayne to work pulling up old carpet. Spy predicts that Dwayne's female fanbase is about to explode.

Jaime is shown modelling lingerie in a fashion show. She complains that her body is not underwear appropriate, and that her big bum is a result of her Armenian heritage. (Jaime's father Matthew Ridge is half Armenian).

Astute readers will note that the highest-paid reality star, Kim Kardashian, is also part Armenian, and has a much bigger bum than Jaime.

The show is much funnier, and endearing even, than outsiders might be expecting.

Will it win over their many critics? Unlikely. It's reality TV: if you watch the show wanting to hate on the Ridges, they'll give you the reasons you're looking for.

But they also come across as genuine people, with a sense of humour and Sally and Jaime obviously have a close relationship.

TV3 publicist Rachel Lorimer told Spy they weren't fazed by the negative publicity around the Ridges. For example, in last week's nzherald.co.nz poll of 2500 people, 68 per cent claimed there was no way they would watch the show.


"Anyone who goes to the trouble of taking part in an online poll is interested," says Lorimer.

"We saw exactly the same thing with The GC. I'm confident The Ridges will launch strongly, and then we'll see how it goes from there."

The Ridges premieres on Wednesday September 12, 7.30pm on TV3.

- Spy/Herald on Sunday