In what has to be the most important local television news of the year - after The GC, of course - TimeOut can reveal that much-anticipated reality show The Ridges will be hitting your screens mid next month.

The six-part series will follow Kiwi celebrity mum Sally Ridge and celebrity daughter Jaime as they go about their busy celebrity lives.

The Ridges, produced by the same company behind the channel's other top-rating reality show, The Secret Lives of Dancers, is being touted by TV3 as an "endearingly honest window into life on the celebrity circuit, the glamour of Auckland's nightlife and the reality of those people we love to hate".

The network will not say what the exact on-air date is or what timeslot the show is scheduled for.


However, given the popularity of the controversial GC series earlier this year it is likely to be in primetime at either 7.30pm or 8pm.

The TV3 promotional material for the show says it is a chance to "meet the real people behind all those headlines in this surprisingly candid, funny and heart-warming reality series".

It goes on to say: "Vacuous, shallow, attention-seekers who grace the Sunday gossip columns week after week? Or simply misunderstood?"

So to help normal everyday Kiwis understand who Sally and Jaime Ridge actually are, the show goes behind the scenes and into their home to follow the pair on very different "personal challenges".

Sally has just bought a rundown, 13-bedroom boarding house and is on a mission to do it up, while Jaime goes against her mother and agent Sara Tetro's wishes by taking part in the much-publicised boxing bout with The GC's Rosanna Arkle.

No doubt some guy called Sonny Bill will feature too.

- TimeOut