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latest millionaire winner Kim Spradlin has one piece of advice for future players: "Relax".

Spradlin beat Sabrina Thompson and Chelsea Meissner in the final of Survivor: One World to take home the reality show's US$1 million prize.

She was also awarded US$100,000 for being voted as the Player of the Season by fans.


The 29-year-old bridal shop owner from San Antonio won by making multiple alliances and plotting blindsides without drawing attention to herself. She helped orchestrate the demise of the show's male tribe, and won key immunity challenges.

But she told nzherald.co.nz the key to winning Survivor was to take it easy, and learn to laugh during tough times.

"It's a very paranoid environment and it can be hard to stay calm," Spradlin said. "Relax if you can ... just be yourself, be balanced.

"Go out there and find humour in things that seem annoying at the time and learn to laugh that off. I think you can come off as too competitive and too tense."

She said too many players tried to talk themselves up and make themselves seem better than they really were.

Her ploy was to "be boring".

"In the beginning, so many people are saying, 'Me, me, look at me, look what I did'. I was just really careful not to talk myself up the entire game. I really think that that carried further than you imagined it could."

Kim said Troy "Troyzan" Robertson was her biggest threat and she enjoyed plotting to eliminate him.

"Getting rid of Troyzan was a huge relief. He was undoing all this groundwork that I'd laid. I just wanted him to go. I hate that it ended for him the way it did, but I'm also glad I won.

"He was a strategist, and he understood the game and he was a good player physically. He was my biggest threat."

Her toughest move was eliminating her friend Kat Edorsson.

"I knew that she didn't think of it as a game. I know how much she valued her relationship with me, it was really hard.

"We talk all the time, we're definitely good, our cast is incredibly kind and gracious."

Kim's only plans for the money were to do a bit of travel and "put it in a bank".

Survivor's next season is set in the Philippines and will feature three former players who were eliminated because of a medical emergency.

- Herald online