Muppets hit at the Academy Award' />

Oscar-nominated Flight of the Conchords star Bret McKenzie says he is disappointed he won't be performing his Muppets hit at the Academy Awards.

McKenzie's song Man or Muppet, from the movie The Muppets, is nominated for Best Original Song, alongside Real in Rio, from Rio.

Rumours suggested he would perform the song live, but last week the Academy decided not to have either of the songs sung at the February 26 (Feb 27, NZ time) ceremony.

McKenzie told Rolling Stone he was "disappointed" about the decision.


"It would've been great to get a man and a Muppet up there," he said.

"It probably would've been Jason [Segel], but I could've been an extra man up there somewhere, maybe playing piano. reported the studios behind both movies protested the Academy's decision, but were turned down.

"It seems like a huge missed opportunity to me, and we certainly tried," an insider said.

"It doesn't make sense. They could have so much fun with Muppets and Rio staging," said another.

McKenzie also detailed his upcoming plans to Rolling Stone, saying he and Jemaine Clement planned to head out on a Flight of the Conchords tour later in the year.

And he has a new movie coming out, Austenland, with Keri Russell.

- Herald online