The 12 contenders in the inaugural Make My Movie competition have been whittled down to four finalists.

The Make My Movie competition, created by film guru Ant Timpson and entertainment editor Hugh Sundae, launched in September.

The aim was to expand on the talents demonstrated in Timpson's 48Hours short film competition and provide a platform for aspiring film-makers to make a a low-budget feature. The prize is a $100,000 budget and the opportunity to make the film of their (low-budget) dreams.

Taking into account online voting by public, the industry panel have come up with four finalists, having considered the team's level of talent and passion, the originality of the idea, and the ability to deliver.

The finalists will now be grilled by Jonathan Dowling and Andrew Beattie who will be producers of Make My Movie's eventual winner. After these discussions, between two and four teams will go away and write full scripts that need to be delivered by January 20 before a winner is named.


Here's Timpson's rundown on the final four:

This Giant Papier Maché Boulder is Actually Really Heavy
Team: Blue Tak
Who: Christian Nicholson. Writer/director/artist/designer plus an artist collective
From: Auckland

A charming and innovative idea about two doofuses who are transported into a very real Z-Grade Science-Fiction film. A concept that could travel outside of festival exposure.

How To Meet Girls From A Distance
Team: Traces of Nut
Who: Dean Hewison, writer/director. Ruth Korver, producer
From: Wellington

Funny and slightly perverse spin on a rom-com that subverts the formula by making the likable protagonist a peeping tom. Could play to a wide audience if it hits all the right buttons.

Sex Priest
Team: Geeracula Spectacular
Who: Gareth Evans and Hamish Hill (who both work at Peter Jackson's Park Road Post)
From: Wellington

Overcomes its in-your-face title by telling a more complex story about fatherly love that many might find rewarding viewing.

Never Forget
Team: Tears of an Eagle
Who: Colin Mitchell - Writer/Director/Playwright/Ad Man
From: Auckland


Bold, shocking and intense four-hander with two malleable males being manipulated to torture a supposed terrorist by a woman harbouring a dark past. Has enough surprises and twists to keep audiences riveted.