Adele plans to spend time in Nashville and is keen to record some country-inspired songs.

The 23-year-old British singer has enjoyed huge success around the world with her new album 21. Although Adele is thrilled with the reception to the record, she is already thinking about her next release. She is keen to visit America and be influenced by different types of music genres.

"I was exposed to a lot of country, rockabilly and bluegrass because I was touring for such a long time," she is quoted as saying by British newspaper The Sun.

"The melodies and to-the-point lyrics I have found in a lot of American styles of music is definitely something I'm going to be pursuing heavily from now on. I want to spend some time in Austin in Texas and Nashville, Tennessee, and learn about it."


Adele has previously revealed that she was first introduced to country music and bluegrass by a tour bus driver while she was doing promotional work in the US for her first album 19.

The driver played his favourite artists while they were on the road and the music influenced her when she was writing 21.

Adele is keen to continue to be inspired by country and blues music when she begins work on her new album later this year.

"I feel like a four-year-old in a candy shop who's discovering sweets again," she smiled. "Every day is amazing when it comes to discovering new artists."