Three live, outside broadcasts and feeds from fundraising events around the globe make this week's 12-hour telethon for Christchurch a logistical feat.

Live gigs and celebrity challenges performed in Christchurch, Wellington and Trusts Stadium in Auckland, will screen on Maori Television this Sunday from 9am until 9pm.

Executive producer Stu McPherson says the Rise Up telethon is about re-booting the charity drive, because three months on from the earthquake Christchurch is a long way from rebuilding itself.

So far Lady Gaga has donated her Guccis to the online charity auction, Rachel Hunter has flown to Auckland to appear on the live broadcast and Anna Paquin and Martin Henderson will show their support via a feed from Los Angeles but there are still plenty of ways for members of the public to show their support at home.

In Auckland, all proceeds from an event at Trust's Stadium in Henderson, running from 9am until 9pm and featuring performances by Midnight Youth, PNC, the Checks, Luger Boa, Young Sid and Zowie among others, will go towards the fund. Meanwhile, audiences who prefer to show their support from the comfort of their couch can donate to the charity during the broadcast.

A growing number of celebrities have accepted challenges including TV3's Ben Boyce (Wanna-Ben) who has been challenged to chop off his dreadlocks, while Candy Lane has challenged boxer Shane Cameron to join her on the dancefloor for a Dancing With the Stars-style challenge, Mayor Len Brown has challenged All Black Ali Williams to streak a Warriors game in his Spider-Man outfit and The Almighty Johnsons' Ben Barrington has been challenged to run the streets of Christchurch in his underwear before modelling in the Rise Up fashion show.

There's also the Canterbury Relief Games, a celebrity obstacle course featuring television and sporting stars and performances by the feelers, Six60, the Jordan Luck Band, Kids of 88, Opshop and Iva Lamkum to be broadcast from Christchurch.

Anna Paquin and Martin Henderson

They might not have starred in anything together yet in their stateside careers but Anna Paquin and Martin Henderson will be part of the telethon's Hollywood link-up on Sunday. The pair talk exclusively to Greg Dixon in Canvas in Saturday's Weekend Herald. They discuss their feelings about their home country in the wake of the disaster.

"It does make you feel like you're very far away," says Paquin who still has family here.

Says Henderson: "When something like this does happen to a place that you're from, it does remind you of how inextricably connected you remain to your birthplace. I consider New Zealand home. Although my whole entire adult life has been away, it is so dear to my heart and I think [the telethon] was just sort of a calling for me when the producers asked me whether I would be involved and support it in some way."

- TimeOut