The System ' />

Rating: 5/5

The biggest and baddest drum 'n' bass band in the land let loose some of their fellow countrymen - and a few overseas chaps - on latest album The System is a Vampire.

The result is typically epic and pulsing remix action. Opener Dutchies is pumped up to a more smooth and stylish level by dancefloor devotees State of Mind; Lifetime is given a back-bending d'n'b nudge by British producer Logistics and later a more whimsical and primal dubstep workout by Truth; and sentimental and sensitive anthem The Touch gets three diverse remixes, including a Ratatat-inflected version by Netsky and Pacific Heights' more eerie and beautiful take.

Other highlights on this slick and downright frisky album are the agitating and escalating intensity of the title track by Optimus Gryme, the Upbeats driving and clever rework of Twin Galaxies, and a special remix of Longest Day by Wellington musician, audio engineer, and producer Dhalsim (selected out of more than 100 other remixes) that starts off understated before erupting into a galactic onslaught of morphing sound.