A quick word with, the Cookie Monster, Sesame Street's resident blue-furred biscuit obsessive who has been devouring chocolate chippies since 1969, though he has recently discovered Pilates ...

Good morning! Or good afternoon for you. What have you been doing today?

Me had good day today. Me been baking cookies! What else?

Delicious. What kind?

Chocolate chippie! That me favourite. Me like classic kind. That the best.


Did you know that here in New Zealand, we call them biscuits?

Me not know that. Wow. Are they delicious?


That all that matters.

Do you think you could write a biscuit song?

Sure, [sings in his gruff baritone] B is for biscuit, that good enough for me.

It works! Would it work if you used a French word, petit fours?

It doesn't matter what they are called. They delicious.

Would you say you are addicted to cookies?

Wow that is a strong word. Me looooooooooove cookies.

Have you ever felt pressured to go on a diet?

What you trying to saying? Me look out of shape? Me exercise. Me eat lots of good food, lots of healthy food not just cookies.

What exercise do you do?

Me do Pilates. The monster Pilates.

Who else on Sesame St does Pilates?

We all do. We all exercise, Elmo and Grover.

And do you have a beauty regime?

Product, product, product. Me wash me fur, me make sure is soft and manageable.

Do you blow dry?

Me air dry.

Like a dog?

Exactly, blowdry make me puffy. Me not like to be puffy, me like to be shaggy.

I've heard that sometimes monsters feel like their colour affects them? Do you feel blue because you are blue?

Me try not to let fur colour dictate emotions.

Have you ever felt that you should change your look, maybe dye your hair?

What you trying to say? Me happy with blue. Me not want to dye myself blonde. Me not think that a good look.

How old are you now?

In monster years or human years?

Um, both.

Me not sure in monster years how to figure it out yet. Age not important to monsters.

Anyway, it sounds like you are one of the oldest residents on Sesame St. Who are some of the new kids?

The newest member is Abby Cadabby she is brand new. She terrific. She like fairy girl.

It must be difficult for a new monster to fit in with the ones who have been together for 40 years.

No we pretty nice to new kids. We treat the same as old monsters.

How many cookies do you think are consumed on Sesame St each week?

Oh, that hard question. Me not know this interview going to be so hard-hitting. Me have no idea.

Okay, so are you the only one who eats them?

No, everybody loves cookies. But me looooooooooove cookies.

Are you going to tell the others they should call them biscuits?

I will try, but me not sure it is going to catch on. Me not going to change my name to Biscuit Monster though.

It doesn't have the same ring.


I hear you eat anything other than sardine icecream. We have a thing here in New Zealand called a huhu grub, which is like a bug, and you cook it and it tastes like peanut butter, would you eat that?

Yucky. Me got to go now. That sounds disgusting. Me draw the line at eating bugs.

I have one last question. How do we get to Sesame St from New Zealand?

You can take the subway.

Subway from New Zealand?

Yeah. Me think there is a subway that goes right to the street. Me not sure but me thinks there is.

Okay, that sounds easy, we will see you there!

Terrific, we will eat cookies together. But not huhu or whatever that was called. Me can't even say that without feeling nauseous.



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