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Michelle Williams has opened up for the first time about her grief over losing fiancé Heath Ledger. Nearly three years after Ledger's tragic death, Williams is speaking out about life after her late partner's passing. The Blue Valentine star, mother to 5-year-old daughter Matilda with Ledger, appeared on ABC news show Nightline to promote her new film, but also spoke candidly about her grief. 'I can't find a meaning for it...' Speaking about the loss of Ledger, who died from an accidental drug overdose in 2008, she said she was still struggling to come to terms with what happened. "I've found meanings around the circumstance, but the actual event itself still doesn't have it. I can't find it," said Williams, "I can't find a meaning for it." Williams, whose on-screen love affair with Ledger in Brokeback Mountain became a reality while shooting the movie, also said that "in a strange way," she misses the year following his death, "because all those possibilities that existed then are gone." "It didn't seem unlikely to me that he could walk through a door or could appear from behind a bush," she said with tears in her eyes, while explaining that she sought comfort in Joan Didion's book, The Year Of Magical Thinking, following the death. She said: "A lot of things died. "There's a line from a book that gave me so much comfort and it said 'When you've truly lost everything, then at least you can become rich in loss'." The interviewer then offered Williams her own morsel of wisdom: "The greatest tragedy is to have the experience and miss the meaning." Later in the interview, Williams is joined by Blue Valentine co-star Ryan Gosling, who talks about their working relationship, and downplays talk of a possible romance between the two. "She's like Brigitte Bardot meets Clint Eastwood," said Gosling. "She's like a cowboy - a sexy cowboy, or something." Asked if they're dating, Gosling said: "Creatively, we are doing it. Creatively." He added, "No, we're professionals." "He looks like he's lying, but he's not," laughed Williams. "I always look like I'm lying," Gosling quipped. "I know. That's my face." As for the future, Williams says she intends to give her daughter a normal upbringing. "It is of more importance to me than anything else in my life," she said. "I would rearrange anything to make that possible. If something starts to encroach on that ... it's gonna be removed from the equation." Watch Williams' interview below: Props to Williams for her courage. She comes across as a truly warm, humble and genuine soul who's carried herself with dignity after losing a soul mate. Onwards and upwards. See you in 2011, folks! Blogger Bites Back. * Read more celebrity news and gossip from Myrddin Gwynedd (MG) here