One tends to tune out when an artist makes a cliche claim such as he was inspired by Michael Jackson. Who isn't?

But with Jason Derulo, it's a little different. He moonwalks. Everywhere. He wears metallic jackets with shoulder pads. He even uses Jackson chords to bridge together songs. And boy, does he whip out a good cover of Billie Jean.

The chameleon act was all part of Derulo's successful plan to spread the nine songs he has to his name over a one-hour slot last night.

He also rolled out a pitch-perfect rendition of Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back cover - but was careful to remind his squealing audience that the song was so three years ago.

Derulo, on the other hand, is now. And although he's so shiny and new, he has only one album, so he knows how to make the most of it.

Opening with the Flashdance-inspired Sky's The Limit, the young American stretched out the rest by singing both an acoustic and a full-on strobe version of Ridin' Solo, a rock and a pop version of In My Head, and an extended version of Whatcha Say.

All of these were accompanied by some of the slickest dancing around and a back-up chorus of a few thousand screaming fans.

As well as his Michael Jackson act, Derulo is known for singing his name, which he did, to his audience's delight, three times.

He is also known for being a bit of a hit with the ladies. So he emerged on stage flanked by two skimpily dressed back-up dancers with abs of steel who proceeded, throughout the songs, to try to pull off his shirt.

He helped them out later in the piece, by ripping his top right down the middle and flinging the sweat-drenched thing into the crowd. Watch out for that on Trade Me.

Derulo is just 21 years of age but he is a smooth operator and a master of audience interaction.

The only break in excitable shrieks was when all the jaws in the house dropped at his routine with the lucky lady from the audience he brought on stage.

Fortunately, she knew the words to What If, as Derulo had her seated on a stool and proceeded to give her a seductive lap dance. The performance was rather M-rated for a PG audience but, hey, at least he delivers on his word.

Parting on a strobe extravaganza version of In My Head, with his chest on full display, Derulo air-kissed his crowd as they sang his song back to him.

It seems they meant what they said when they pelted out the chorus, "You fulfil my fantasy".

Who: Jason Derulo.

Where: Logan Campbell Centre.

When: Last night.