Michael Laws and Jackie Sperling are spending a romantic weekend together in Wanganui.

Laws and the former P addict and prostitute are believed to be trying to rekindle their fractious relationship.

The couple spent Friday night at Laws' Wanganui home. On Saturday morning they drove straight to a nearby pharmacy where Sperling rushed in to buy something while Laws waited in the car.

Afterwards Laws took Sperling sightseeing around Wanganui, where he is about to hang up the mayoral robes after two terms in office, before heading over to Palmerston North.

Last month Laws revealed how he and Sperling had embarked on a passionate affair after meeting through his Radio Live talkback show.

The father of five told how he became "intoxicated" by Sperling, who was serving a sentence of home detention after being convicted of possession with intent to supply methamphetamine.

Sperling dumped Laws in the week in which news of their affair emerged after she became convinced that Laws was seeing several other women.

But just days later, she publicly forgave Laws and said she hoped to start a relationship.

Last night, Laws said: "I have no intention of discussing my private life with you."

His former partner Leonie Brookhammer, who is privately said to be furious about the relationship, said it was none of her business who Laws was involved with.