11pm, TV2

Current affairs satire may have overtaken political satire in the shooting-fish-in-a-barrel stakes, but it's that way for a reason. Only slightly less ridiculous than actual current affairs,


debuts tonight with the usual new-show setup, but it's only a few minutes until it's into it boots and all. Coming to you live from, Wellington... Napier... oh just watch it. Full preview



The Accidental Husband
8.30PM, Sky Movies

Comedy starring Uma Thurman as a successful radio talk show host who is engaged but discovers that, as a result of a prank, she is already married. (2008)

In Search Of A Midnight Kiss
8.30PM, Rialto Sky Digital

Indie comedy set in Los Angeles on New Year's Eve, where a single man who has just suffered the worst year of his life is intent on staying alone for the evening, until his best friend convinces him into posting a personal ad. (2007)

Human Target
9.30PM, TV2

Mark Valley stars as Christopher Chance, a comic book-based action hero with a difference. In the opening episode, Chance has to guard the engineer behind California's first bullet train as the high-speed express makes its first journey.