Seven days in the life of the actor.

Actor Friday night drinks?

Neighbourhood in Kingsland. Great acoustic tunes, comfy throne chairs and a minute-by-minute view of a last ditch Eden Park effort. Highly entertaining.

Where I'll be wearing my new:

Kung fu shoes. They're light, cheap and make me look lazy and dangerous at the same time.


And this weekend I'm planning on:

Hitting the stage with the other


and then making straight for the MySky for a haka and a win. Then on Sunday I'll be round at Aunty Di's for my weekly meat intake.

But first I'll need to refuel at my favourite cafe:

The Fridge, in Kingsland. The best pies this side of Hamilton.

Saturday evening. If my dreams came true there would be a gig by:

Wilco. Until Jeff Tweedy's throat runs dry. Then the stage splits apart and out of a giant Venus fly trap pops Peter Gabriel. Then Phil Collins. OMG, it's Genesis.


On my stereo/headphones right now is:

Justin Bieber - hang on ... what? that's my niece's iPod. Ahh, Rufus Wainwright for leisure and John Farnham or selected hits from the


cast when I'm running.

The books I can't put down are:

World War II novels. They're all good, even though they're almost all about the same thing.

The TV show I take the phone off the hook for is:

Mad Men

. And

I Shouldn't Be Alive

really glues me in.

The movie I've been dying to see is:


. Leo,

The Matrix

and a staircase scene like the one in


. All brilliant things.

A non-cooking Monday night means takeaways from:

Canton Cafe. Kingsland takes the cake as the best suburb in Auckland. Four liquor stores, seven bars, six cafes, 10 restaurants, handmade burgers, a coffee roaster, a petrol station, a sports stadium and a print shop. Sometimes I feel like I'm having an amenity overdose.

Or a splash-out Wednesday night restaurant would be:

Tanuki's Cave on Queen St, if I can get a seat. I could eat cabbage and Japanese mayo till my arteries explode.

* Gareth Williams performs in Assassins at the Concert Chamber of the Town Hall until August 14.