Rating: 4/5
Formate: PS3 (G)
Verdict: Lacking the depth that the excellent Fifa 10 offered, this World Cup special is still worth it for football fans - and offers a chance to pit the All Whites against the game's greats and win - something we're not likely to see in June.

After producing many versions of its Fifa series, Electronic Arts' footy franchise is complex, challenging and - for those new to the game - frustrating.

The World Cup "spesh" for this year's tournament alleviates this frustration for newbies, offering a two-button control system that anyone can use.

It is nowhere near as useful as the full control system, but makes the game more accessible. Rather than just the 32 teams in the Cup finals, all 199 that tried to qualify are included - complete with "real" players who often look like who they're meant to. The graphics are stunning, with the 10 new stadiums brilliantly rendered.

Play options include starting the tournament from qualification stages or leaping straight into the finals - and there's a Captain Your Country mode, where you control a single player.

The commentary is far more fluid and engaging than Fifa 10. Once the World Cup proper is happening, free downloadable content for consoles will let players relive the big moments mere hours after the games have finished, according to EA.

Load times are annoyingly long, especially when the default camera set-up is used, which flicks to shots of managers and crowds a bit too often. Online lag can be a problem - split-second button pushes are vital.