Katie Price, the ex-glamour model and cosmetically enhanced British tabloid sensation formerly known as Jordan, is coming to our screens.

What Katie Did Next chronicles the highs and lows of the 31-year-old mother-of-three's life following her split from Aussie one-hit-wonder Peter Andre last year.

The first episode screens on Sky channel Vibe tonight and for those who follow Price's bizarre life even slightly (whether they admit it or not), the show may seem a tad out of date.

"My first series, that's sooo last year," Price confirms on the phone on her way to LA airport, where she's catching a flight home after attending an Oscars party.

"My God, you've got so much to watch. Just you wait."

Price, of course, has famously moved on from Andre and tied the knot last month with cage-fighter Alex Reid, although some reports have questioned the legality of their quickie Las Vegas nuptials.

To be fair, even the most dedicated Price fan would be hard-pressed to keep up with the antics of the famous page-3-girl-turned-businesswoman.

She features in the UK tabloids on pretty much a daily basis, most recently for being ordered to pay her former manager substantial damages for accusing her of having an affair with ex-husband Andre.

But the first season of What Katie Did Next - a second is now filming - takes us back to the aftermath of Price and Andre's very public split in May last year.

Asked for a potted summary, Price says: "It shows I've gone through divorce, how the press are turning on me, how I've pulled myself together and how I'm basically getting on with my life."

For pure voyeuristic pleasure, Price is television gold and the first episode of What Katie Did Next does not disappoint. It follows our heroine as she plans a trip to Ibiza with her pals and organises a children's birthday party, but there are too many unintentionally hilarious one-liners to mention.

It's no surprise Price chose to play out such a painful period as the break-up of her marriage in such a public manner - she's been doing it for years.

Let us go back to 2004, when she met Andre on tacky reality show I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here! The perma-tanned duo hooked up and in 2005, welcomed Junior, Price's second child following the 2002 birth of Harvey.

The couple married a few months later and the family, which little Princess Tiaamii joined in 2007, went on to star in season after season of no-holds-barred reality television.

But the chav fairy tale eventually came to a bitter end and much mud-slinging ensued.

Still, neither Price nor Andre was about to give up the lucrative reality TV industry and both have filmed their own "suddenly single" series.

It's clear that for Price, this is a way of life that she doesn't feel the need to justify to anyone. But doesn't she ever crave privacy?

"I do get a lot of privacy," she says, somewhat surprisingly. "There are lots of things I don't film but there are also lots of things I do film. And I enjoy doing it."

In her world of tabloids and paparazzi, Price sees being filmed on her terms as a way of making sure the truth - or her version of it - gets out.

"Sometimes I'm thankful that the camera's there because it can prove things," she says.

"If there was a bad headline or something, I have the camera crew to prove it's not true what they're saying."

Ironically, given the flak she has received for featuring her children in her shows, Price also considers having the day-to-day lives of her kids on film a big plus.

"I've got all these tapes of my kids growing up ... It's like having a holiday camera following you around all the time."

Asked about critics who have accused her of exploiting her children, Price's tone takes a slightly defensive edge.

"I don't have to justify or explain it to anyone. It's not a problem because I know the truth."

But what if her kids grow up to resent having had their childhoods watched by millions?

"I don't force them to be filmed," she says sharply. Price then turns the conversation back to Andre.

"If you look at Pete's show compared to mine, the kids were on his a lot more. It's not a competition, but the kids are there, they'll be in the background, but I don't make my show to revolve around the kids."

Be that as it may, Price has made her desire to get pregnant no secret. She knows viewers love being let in to the bizarre reality of her private world, so expect baby No. 4 and her relationship with Reid to play a big part in future shows. Stay tuned for more on the very public private life of Katie Price.

* What Katie Did Next screening on Sky's Vibe channel Sundays at 7.30.