Woman's Day magazine and editor Sarah Henry.' />

Those tuning in to Breakfast this morning, may not have been surprised by Ali Mau's attack on Woman's Day magazine and editor Sarah Henry following a series of paparazzi photos published in the mag this week of the TVNZ star.

With the headline, "Alison Mau's sleepover," the magazine said: "After spending the night with her dancer mate, the TV star steps out to grab supplies for breakfast". A photo of Mau carrying three takeaway beverages and a newspaper is captioned: "Having stayed over with brunette Karleen, Ali made a brief excursion to fetch coffee for the girls".

But Mau took exception to the photos and the story and hit back on air this morning.

"Woman's Day has these paparazzi shots of a middle-aged mother of two getting her morning coffee," Mau said on Breakfast today. "That's me (Mau points to the picture)... as you can see there are three cups... that's a flat white for me and a hot chocolate for each of my kids on that occasion.

"So far so deadly boring... the only interesting thing about this spread is that those shots were taken almost a month ago... and other shots on this page were taken last week.

"This means that a Woman's Day paparazzi photographer has been stalking me, my children and my friends for a month now... quite possibly more... following me to the supermarket... the kids' tennis and touch rugby... too and from school... that's a gross intrusion of our privacy... and frankly, more than a little creepy.

"But fair game some of you may say, I'm in the public eye and it's a fair cop... hard to disagree with you.

"But now that they've run this story, I have a question for Woman's Day editor Sarah Henry and her offsider Catherine Milford... perhaps you'd both be kind enough to let me know when this will stop?

"Just give me an idea when the dogs will be called off and me, my friends and my family can go about our business without having creepy guys in corolla station wagons following us around?

"I hope that's a fair question... if you'd like to comment at all or pose the same question, drop us a line or send it direct to Sarah Henry at Woman's Day... she's on shenry@acpmagazines.co.nz"

You know Breakfast viewers will be emailing their support of Ali. Later on the show, Pippa announced they'd received hundreds of supportive emails. "There's so much feedback in support of you," she said.

So, how much bad blood will Sarah Henry cop? How much will this damage the Woman's Day brand? Will Breakfast viewers - largely the same market as Woman's Day - be turned off the magazine after Mau's attack today?

Meanwhile, Suzanne Paul took her own swipe at Woman's Day last week. She Tweeted: "The husband and I scored a free weekend in Taupo to renew our vows last week, first time we'd been away in 4 years. And still the Woman's Day felt a need to ruin the whole thing. What a nasty spiteful mean thing to do.... Funny how Woman's Day forgot to mention that I have in fact paid my creditors $230,000 so far, great research, NOT. What a crap mag they are."