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Recent Works

by violinist Richard Adams and guitarist Nigel Gavin, who are long-time bandmates in the popular jazz group Nairobi Trio, makes for some strange and tranquil listening. For those not familiar with the pair's work, the 11 tracks might come across more classical than jazz, but the meeting of Adams' violin and Gavin's guitar also has hints of gypsy folk, and will also appeal to those into bands with a more orchestral and expansive mindset, like Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective.


Take the 10-minute long

Daisy Chain

, where Gavin, who has played overseas with avant garde guitarist Robert Fripp of King Crimson, comes up with some of his more harrowing guitar work as he provides a deep and dark undertow to Adams' dramatic and poised bowing. And on next track,

Bluff Wisdom

, it's Adams' violin to the fore sounding like a circling-for-food seagull at one point, and then suddenly transforming into a soaring and diving albatross.

Recent Works

comes beautifully packaged in shiny cardboard, with an original Adams' painting adorning the cover. But more importantly it is a mesmerising album created by two great players.

Scott Kara