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Nintendo DS


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Novel, yes (sorry) this unusual title for Nintendo's versatile handheld DS is the latest in a line that includes recipe books, brain trainers and even a software version of a classic Korg synth. Reading classics like

Oliver Twist

, or

Alice In Wonderland

on a DS isn't as hard on the eyes as one might think - at least to start with. There are two font sizes and you can even add background music like "Easy Listening" or "Summers' Day" (don't). Books are selected from a virtual bookshelf or searched from a drop-down menu.


Each is bundled with background information and a red R appears on the spine to show it's been read. There will be on-going downloadable content to add more titles and features. It doesn't have actual pages, and makes for a very strange reading experience.



Backlit screen eventually starts taking its toll on eyesight.Verdict: A good way to cart around a library without breaking your back. Matt Greenop