Key Points:

7.30PM, TV2
Things get messy when the teams are forced to test their balance and agility in Holland.

8.30PM, C4
Just when you thought the Rock had filled his boots with the bevy of beauties, there is one more chapter to this bizarre love story. Brett reunites the girls for a final round of tears, tantrums and tell alls.

8.30PM, TV ONE
Considering the runaway popularity of the show this replaces, Dancing with the Stars, it was only a matter of time before we got a local version of talent show Stars in Their Eyes. The British version rated well here and now we'll get to see our own bus drivers and shop assistants release their inner Elton Johns and Madonnas. Simon Barnett gets the gig as host and he believes that viewers will be blown away by the performances. "Everyone has worked so hard to get it right because you just know that moment when the guest says, `Tonight, Simon, I'm going to be ... Robbie Williams', they have to emerge from the dry ice looking and singing like Robbie, or everyone feels dreadfully let down. I truly think Kiwis will love seeing their own people transformed into megastars." Once the performers have given it their best, it's up to the audience to decide which contestant is the most convincing impersonator. All episode winners go through to a grand final at the end of the season. Producer Shannon Cairns says: "The contestants on Stars In Their Eyes come from all walks of life and cover the length and breadth of New Zealand. The one thing these people all share in common is a love of their chosen artist and a passion for singing." Cairns says there will be a diverse range of performances - from Dolly Parton to Beyonce, from Barry Gibb to Robbie Williams.

9.30PM, TV ONE
In which former politician and broadcaster Pam Corkery (above) is shot at point-blank range with a 9mm pistol, though she was wearing a bulletproof jacket. Corkery pops up in the first episode as this travelogue returns for a fifth series to follow yet more prominent Kiwis in remote and/or dangerous parts of the globe. Corkery is in Columbia and is shot by a Bogota manufacturer as part of a demonstration of high-fashion bulletproof jackets for the security- and style-conscious in this violence-ridden country. Veteran broadcaster Paul Holmes straps on a backpack for his foray to Yemen, one of the world's trouble spots. We also follow the adventures of former All Blacks Norm Hewitt and Glen Osborne, and former Prime Minister Jenny Shipley, who ventures to Namibia although she doesn't do backpacks, preferring a much more genteel wheeled suitcase for her African odyssey.

9.30PM, TV3
A woman turns to Alan for help to prevent a nuclear power plant from being built in her town. Oh, and she happens to be a sex addict as well.


8.30PM, TV2
Herald Rating: * *
Tepid comedy with Samuel L. Jackson as a federal agent investigating the death of a colleague, who in a case of mistaken identity, is led to a dentist, played by Eugene Levy. (2005)

Herald Rating: * * * *
Action/comedy from the team behind Shaun of the Dead. Simon Pegg plays Sergeant Nicholas Angel, London's top cop, who makes the rest of the force look so bad that they transfer him to the small village of Sandford, where supposedly nothing happens. (2007)

Herald Rating: * * * *
A group of rebellious youths break into the homes of wealthy businessmen. They're backed into a corner when they find someone at home, and plot a kidnapping to settle a previous score. (2004)