Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon has
revealed that she secretly fought breast cancer two years ago.' />
Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon has
revealed that she secretly fought breast cancer two years ago.
The 42-year-old red-head - best known for
her role as feisty lawyer Miranda Hobbes in the seminal TV series – made the
shocking confession while being interviewed on TV show Good Morning America this week.
Nixon describes how she had gone for a "completely routine mammogram" in 2006 when she was contacted by her gynaecologist.
"She says, 'Well I have some, it's not
such great news,'" Nixon revealed on the show.
Watch a video of her interview here.
Despite feeling apprehensive and scared,
Nixon says she took a pragmatic approach towards the disease, "I was very
cognisant of it," she said. "If it's going to happen, this is the
best way for it to happen - that it's found so early, and we can just get right
on it."
Nixon also says she "made a big
point" of telling her two children she had cancer.
"I basically told them they found some
cancer in my right breast. It's very small and it's very early.
"I'm going to have an operation, they're
going to take it out, and then we're going to have six-and-a-half weeks of
radiation, every weekday," she added. "This is what grandma went
through, and I'm going to be fine."
Nixon's mother is a two-time breast cancer
"As the daughter of a breast cancer
survivor, knowing my personal risk made me more aware and more empowered when I
faced my own diagnosis," she said.
The actress also reveals on camera how she
had a lumpectomy and six weeks of radiation treatment.
Amazingly, Nixon managed to keep her
diagnosis a secret, explaining that she "didn't want paparazzi at the
hospital" while she was undergoing treatment.
The actress, now an ambassador for the
Susan G Komen For The Cure organisation, says she wants to raise awareness of the importance of regular mammograms
and early detection.
I admire Nixon for her candor. Having to
keep such an emotive issue out of the press must have felt like an unnecessary
evil while contending with such a bombshell.
She's right, early detection is best. My
mother went through exactly the same thing at about the same age, and it was
after a routine mammogram that the disease was detected. Thankfully, she also
beat the dreaded C.
Hats off to you, Nixon.

Science fact?

This guy is a former member of the
Scientology cult.
I say former, because he's somehow escaped
the clutches of Tiny Tom Cruise and his disciples, and is now speaking out
against Scientology. And that's putting it mildly.
In this video, Jason Beghe brands the
religion as "very dangerous for your spiritual, psychological, mental,
emotional health and evolution."
Warning: the video clip contains very
strong language, i.e. he's very liberal with the 'F' word. You have been
Does the man speaketh the truth? Watch the
clip for yourselves and form your own decisions and judgments.

We're all addicts

Eighties super-bitch Joan Collins thinks
idiocy and the human race are forever entwined - all thanks to celebrity
"Our civilization has become extremely
dumbed down, with shorter attention spans. All they want are sound bites,"
the 75-year-old diva tells BlackBook's Steve Garbarino.
"The tabloid magazines are the same
every week. People [magazine] has the same cover as InTouch as OK! as Us Weekly as Star magazine. They're exactly the same! It must be 100 to 120 people you
read about all the time."
Prey tell the reason for this, oh wise
"They are appealing to a young
audience, or a rather dumb audience," the former Dynasty actress muses.
She also insists that the magazines
"go after those girls who exhibit more outrageous behavior. And, believe
me, those girls love it. They call in items themselves - that they were at
Nobu, some nightclub in SoHo. I can't think of
anything more horrible than that.
"Publicity can be a drug."
Oh, shush grandma. Get back in your box.
This is all the drug we'll ever need…cue
flashback to classic Dynasty catfights here and here.

Oh look, she's still alive

Check out this video clip of Amy
Winehouse (no, I'm not obsessed with her…well, maybe just a little) hanging out
with a bunch of hardcore fans while taking a break from recording the theme
song to new Bond flick, Quantum of Solace.

Spoiler alert!

More details have emerged about the big
screen version of Sex and the City.
Look away now if you want to remain
An insider spills more beans:
"If I were to compare the movie to one of
the episodes from the series, it would be the fashion-show episode [from season
four]. Just the scale of that episode, in that every single person who walks on
camera is famous, and there's millions of extras and supermodels. It's a
massive episode.

"So the movie basically starts at that
level and goes even further."

The snitch also reveals that in one pivotal
scene Carrie tosses her designer cellphone off a cliff in Mexico, after receiving a text
message from Big.

Oh, and as for that hideous wedding dress, the source describes it as "the perfect dress to get jilted in."
I know it's just too much information, but
I had to share it. Sorry.

Britney's fender-bender

More details have emerged as to what caused
Brit-Brit's minor prang last
Turns out the bloke she crashed into
spotted her putting on her make-up just before her Merc crashed into his car. reports that the man was reportedly
admiring Brit Brit in his mirror as she put her slap on, seconds before the
embarrassing prang.
Silly Brit, you know multi-tasking isn't
your forte.
The website also claims that after the
crash, Spears' bodyguard apologised, while she remained tight-lipped.
Watch this video of Spears just after the
accident on Saturday.
More footage of the aftermath here.

Britney's intimate diaries

Oh dear God, please say this is a hideous
The wayward singer is reportedly
threatening to release her video diaries, which document her antics over the
past six months, on a TV screen near you.
Brit Brit's rumoured to be touting her
video diaries – which apparently reveal intimate details about her ex, Justin
Timberlake, and her feud with Christina Aguilera – to all and sundry in Hollywood.
"Britney's video diaries are the talk
of the Tinseltown elite," a source says.
"Her high-profile friends and exes -
including Justin - knew what she was up to but assumed she was filming herself
as a form of therapy. If she does decide to go public with the footage, it'll
be explosive.
"Although some of it is really sad to
watch - especially the parts where she's close to breakdown - others are
dynamite. Not surprisingly both JT and Kevin Federline are terrified the
material will end up all over the net.
"Or, even worse, Britney will agree to
another MTV documentary, and release some of the footage through official
Step away from the camera, Brits.

And the Photoshop award goes to…

FFS, just how photoshopped does Gwyneth
Paltrow look on the cover of Vogue?

This airbrushing lark has got way out of
hand. She looks like a cross between ET and a praying mantis.

Mariah opens her fridge...

...and takes a bow every time the light comes
No, Carey's actually opened up her fridge
for real and revealed some of her diet secrets to diet yo-yoer Oprah Winfrey.
Carey revealed to Winfrey: "My jean size
went down to my 10th grade size. I got tired to people telling me, 'You need to
lose weight,'"
"It inspired me. For me, it's not about a
number on a scale. It's not about necessarily even a size. It's about feeling
good and being comfortable in your own skin. Right now, I feel really great. I
feel better than I've ever felt."
Amazingly enough, all you need to look like
Carey is an in-house diet guru and a few million in the bank.
Video here.

No bun in this oven

Is Ashlee Simpson pregnant? Who knows, or
more to the point, cares?
Simpson's squeeze Pete Wentz is adamant
that his fiance's not knocked up.
Wentz sent this email to MTV yesterday:

"There is a witch hunt for people to
be pregnant whenever they get engaged in Hollywood.
This is all news to me. I can't wait for the story about how I'm really in a
gay relationship and this is all just a cover. ... I mean really, this is
crazy. ... I mean we're engaged, that's true, and happy about it."

Does the man protest too much?

Do one, Mills

Heather Mills is rapidly becoming the most
hated woman on the planet.
Mills is about as popular as a
pork pie in a synagogue – just ask the people of Las Vegas.
Mucca was booed for Africa
when she was introduced as a judge at the Miss USA pageant in Vegas on
The audience hated her. Funny that.
The live TV contest was Mills's first major
public appearance since battling it out in court with Sir Paul McCartney a few
weeks ago.

No Miss Congeniality

Mills has previously claimed that the
people of America would
embrace her, and that public opinion of her in the US was "99 per cent positive".
But when part of the audience at the Planet
Hollywood hotel began heckling as she took to the stage, that positive vibe was
nowhere to be seen.
And it turns out that it wasn't just the
audience that gave Mucca a frosty reception.
The show's producers couldn't stand Mills
Mucca reportedly flatly refused to sign a
contract for the event, citing that the show could be rebroadcast.
An insider says: "She flat out refused
because of one line."

"They went back and forth rewriting and
finally threatened to pull her from it altogether. She still wouldn't sign it
because she wants to get paid if they resell the footage. Her ego is enormous,
and it's getting bigger by the minute."

But the wheel has turned. The contractors
who booked Mills says they will never work with the rudie-nudie ever again.

More Mucca

Mills has also reportedly vowed to buy a
property in every place her ex Sir Paul McCartney owns a home.
And she's said to have roped in moneybags
Donald Trump to help her achiever her goal.
A source reveals: "Heather says that
everywhere in the world Paul has a house, she wants a house.
"She said wherever Paul is, she wants to be
there for daughter Beatrice."
Get over it, woman. You've got your dough,
now back off and zip your lip.

Blind item: you'll never guess...

Which singer is steadily driving his record
company up the wall by constantly demanding they round up attractive women for "intimate time" at his hotel. Thoughtfully, this creep only ever asks
after his wife leaves.

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