Key Points:

Geoff Bell

MTV host

* * *


What's top of your Christmas wish list this year - excluding world peace?

I'm going into my daydream world... and I'm seeing an Evo 5 or Type R WRX. Let's face it, guys with 'character noses' need all the help they can get.

As a wee'un, what was the one present you always wanted but never got?

I always wanted a jig saw so I could build my parents a new mailbox. Every Christmas when I asked for a jig saw, I would get a jigsaw puzzle! Go figure?

Do you still want it?

Absolutely. The personalised mailbox industry won't know what to think when I get my hands on a jig saw... Placing orders now.

Defining moment of 2006, for you personally:

Turning 20 and actually being able to grow facial hair. Every year before that I would always get the bumfluff cough from my Nana at the Christmas table.

Most-overrated thing/person/topic of the year:

Emo clones - there are far too many out there to be classed as alternative. Come on guys, it's Christmas. Put away the black and wear something festive!

Album of the year:

Arctic Monkeys -

Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not


Movie/DVD of the year:

Out Of The Blue

Person of the year:

It's so nice of you to offer me that award ... Oh sorry, I misunderstood. Rove McManus.

The most important lesson you learned this year was...

A joint bank account isn't the end of the world. It's far worse.

New Year's resolution for 2007:

To rock harder and longer than Iggy Pop.

Your prediction for 2007's 'next big thing' ...

Jerry Seinfield's mullet, man bling, and dress shirts tucked into sneans. (Sneans = sneakers + jeans). Emos watch out!